TL;DR you can find my boring CV here.


Full time positions

This list includes all full time positions with an indefinite period of duration.

Logo iGenius
Work on Crystal: an AI-based virtual advisor for data intelligence.
Main activities:
  • Research in deep learning for natural language and speech processing
  • Develop and train state of the art models using TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • Develop and maintain Python libraries
  • Data analysis
  • Write technical documentation
Deep Learning NLP Signal Processing Python TensorFlow PyTorch


This list includes the full time internships with a predetermined period of duration.

Logo Swisscom
  • Master Thesis Project
  • Swisscom
  • September 2017 - March 2018
  • Lausanne, Switzerland
Work on my master thesis titled: Building Advanced Dialogue Managers for Goal-Oriented Dialogue Systems
Main activities:
  • Research in Goal-Oriented Chatbots based on Reinforcement Learning
  • Create and run experiments to verify or reject our hypothesis
  • Data sets collection and creation
  • Write technical reports and scientific papers
Reinforcement Learning NLP Python LaTeX
Logo PMI
Main activities:
  • Comparative study and benchmark various Deep Learning Frameworks:
  • Experiment and test different types of Deep Neural Networks
  • Build and demonstrate Goal-Oriented Chatbot solutions
  • Run A/B tests on the company website for better user engagement
Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning NLP Python LaTeX


Academic Qualifications

Pursued my master studies with an emphasis on Machine Learning.
Language of the studies: English.
Relevant courses:
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (PCML)
  • Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning in Neural Networks
  • Distributed Information Systems
  • Advanced Database Systems
Final Master thesis: Building Advanced Dialogue Managers for Goal-Oriented Dialogue Systems
Language of the studies: Macedonian with most of literature in English.
Relevant courses:
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Web and Mobile Programming
  • Dean’s list for top 10 out of 600 students
  • Scholarship from Ministry of Education for top 10% Computer Science students
Final Bachelor Thesis: Transmission of Audio Files using Random Codes Based on Quasigroups


This list includes the jobs I had while being a full time student.

Logo GSoC
Work remotely for the CERN-HSF umbrella organization.
Main activities:
  • Design the architecture for the deep learning module in ROOT
  • Develop the foundations of the deep learning module using C++
  • Develop a Convolutional Neural Network using C++
Software Engineering Software Design C++
Code Report
Work part time as part of the Research Scholar Program.
Main activities:
  • Extend the functionalities of BIP (component-based framework)
  • Design a tool for graphical modeling of BIP architectures using Sirius
  • Develop a complex tool for combining constraint-satisfying components using Java
Software Verification Java SAT Solvers
  • Summer Student
  • CERN
  • June 2014 - August 2014
  • Geneva, Switzerland
Take part of the Summer Student Programme.
Main activities:
  • Attend lectures: training in physics, computer engineering and mathematics
  • Develop an Android application as a notification tool
Java Android Math Physics
Code Report


During my studies I succeeded to publish few papers, some on top tier conferences.

Goal-Oriented Chatbot Dialog Management Bootstrapping with Transfer Learning
Vladimir Ilievski, Claudiu Musat, Andreea Hossman, Michael Baeriswyl
In Proceedings of the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
PDF Bibtex Poster Slides
Submodularity-Inspired Data Selection for Goal-Oriented Chatbot Training Based on Sentence Embeddings
Mladen Dimovski, Claudiu Musat, Vladimir Ilievski, Andreea Hossman, Michael Baeriswyl
In Proceedings of the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
PDF Bibtex Poster
Gaussian channel transmission of images and audio files using cryptcoding
Verica Bakeva, Aleksandra Popovska-Mitrovikj, Daniela Mechkaroska, Vesna Dimitrova, Boro Jakimovski, Vladimir Ilievski
In IET Communications Journal
PDF Bibtex
Performances of Random Codes Based on Quasigroups for transmission of audio files
Aleksandra Popovska-Mitrovikj, Vladimir Ilievski and Verica Bakeva
IEEE 23rd Telecommunications Forum Telfor (TELFOR)
PDF Bibtex


Macedonian: native language.
English: level C1. Full working proficiency.
French: level B1/B2, DELF B1 certified. Limited working proficiency.
German: level A1. Basic knowledge.

Hobbies and Activities


I am a huge Hackathon lover, I have participated to many of them. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes competing. Here is a list of selected Hackathons:


CERN Webfest: mobile app for terrain elevation estimation
The PORT: Terrain Elevation determination


HackZurich: worked generally on chatbots.
LauzHack: worked on a chatbot that predicts train latency.
GLAMHack: worked generally on Named-Entity recognition.


HackZurich: worked on object detection using Raspberry Pi.
NYUADHack: app to connect refugees and the local community. Winners.
OpenFood Hack: worked on app for OCR-ing receipts. One of the winners.
StartHack: detecting travelling trends through Twitter. Finalists.


LauzHack: worked on a fraud detection system. Challenge winners.


Arkathon: worked on an app for pose detection for better exercising.
BlueArk Hack: better water waste in the households.


Aviation: beside the computer sciences I am passionate about the commercial airplane models along with their jet engines, their design, engineering as well as the business models of the airliners.
Cycling: I ride my bike sometimes through the breathtaking Swiss landscapes.
Hiking: member of the Swiss Apline Club, hiking sometimes on the beautiful Swiss Alps.
Photography: I have a Canon DSLR camera. I love to make pictures of the nature.